Dr Robert Dean

Dr Roert Dean, BarristerRobert Dean is a Melbourne based barrister.

He is an advocate of many years’ experience.

He is a commercial barrister specialising in intellectual property.

Robert accepts all manner of commercial briefs.

While devoted to his practice he has found time to publish through Thomson Reuters  texts on Employer, Employees and Goodwill encompassing Restraint of Trade covenants and a texts which this year became a service on Trade Secrets and Privacy.

These concern the protection of confidential information and restraint of trade covenants. Much of the content of these works include practical advice derived from his day by day practice as a barrister.

The works have been met with acclaim referred to and cited many time by the Superior Courts in each state and New Zealand and placed by the Australian law journal as one of the ten best legal texts ever written in Australia.

His reputation particularly in these and associated areas of law is Australia wide and he is acknowledged by the legal profession as one of Australia’s leading advocates on the protection commercial and private confidential information in whatever form.

This aspect of intellectual property requires expertise in statutory protection including copyright and trademarks, competition and consumer law, company law and the related causes of action in commercial law such as contract or where disputes arise within the context of relationships such as joint ventures, employees and directors.

It covers inducing breach of contract, conspiracy and many other areas of commercial law.

A large proportion of Roberts practice is concerned with the very complex area of “Restraint of Trade Clauses”.

The complexity of these clauses and the meticulous drafting required has led to Robert advising corporate solicitors on the drafting of such clauses and fighting or settling cases on potentially invalid restraints.

As a consequence of the urgency of protecting secret information he has become accomplished in interlocutory applications obtaining Anton Pillar [Search] and Mareva [Freeze] Orders when winning relies almost entirely on advocacy skills and confidence in the Court room. He has developed skills with respect to litigation tactics (a chapter in his text).

Tribunal work includes Freedom of information, compensation and planning applications.

His experience and tertiary qualifications extend to both mediation and arbitration. He is a member of Arbitration chambers.

He is regularly asked to lecture on these areas in Victoria interstate by solicitor and legal institutions.

‘In summary Roberts practises in Commercial law and intellectual property, in particular the protection of secret information with concurrent expertise in Copyright Trade Marks Patents Completion  Consumer Legislation, Company law and the associated areas of law noted above.. He has an extensive practice in “Restraint of Trade covenants”