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In September 2012 The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG Justice of the High Court of Australia (1996-2009, Chairman, OECD Expert Group on Privacy Protection (1978-80) said;‘This service covers all aspects and causes of action necessary for the protection of confidential information as an aspect of intellectual property. It is unique in Australia. For many years it has been used by the legal profession as its first resort in problems of this kind. It collects the many relevant principles and causes of action that can be invoked to protect against the misuse of information. Moreover, it presents the subject with logic and simplicity. It draws on Robert Dean’s practical outlook, derived from years of experience as a barrister, working in this specialised field of law. It is a boon to legal practitioners but also a delight to scholars and judges, searching in the mass of legal detail for the emerging unifying concepts. I warmly commend this work’


1982 Thesis “The Conciliation and Arbitration Contribution to Wage Flexibility and Distributive Justice of Wage Fixing in Australia”Thesis “Protection from the misuse of Unpatented Trade Secrets”
1984 Published “Crystallization?” LIJ
1985 Published “Unnatural Injustice” LIJ
1990 Published “The Law of Trade Secrets” (Law Book Co.)
2003 Published second edition of The Law of Trade Secrets now entitled “The Law or Trade Secrets and Personal Secrets”
2004 Published “A Right to Privacy?” (2004) 78 ALJ 74
Published “Twists and Turns on the Road to Privacy” (2004) 58 Intellectual Property Forum 10Download the ALJ article “A Right to Privacy?” here
The Australian Law Journal 2004
2005 Published “Employers, Ex-employees and Trade Secrets” Law Book Coy
2006 Protection of Trade secrets and knowhow LIV article Download the Protection of Trade secrets and knowhow LIV article here
2007 Published in the Age Opinion, “Menzies Vision Betrayed”Published in the Age Opinion “Changing our State System without debate”. Published in the Age Opinion “Menzies way ….”
2008 Corporations increasing power to Canberra
2009 Published in the Age Opinion “When the sheep sold out the……Published in the Age Opinion “Indigenous Education”
Sex, video tape and the law
2010 Precedents in Thomson’s “Legal Precedents” looseleaf and online to be published in 2010
Currently under contract with Thomson Publishing to write loose leaf service “The Law of Trade Secrets and Privacy”
Trade Secrets And Privacy
2013 Seminar and diagrams on fiduciary relationships.
 2015 Restraint Or Restriction Of Trade article LIJ July 2015 issue
2018 “Published Dean on Trade Secrets and Privacy” 3rd edition 2018 Dean on Trade Secrets and Privacy 3rd edition 2018
2019 Thomson Reuters Publishers


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