Curriculum Vitae

1974 Graduated BSc (Mon)
1976 Graduated LLB (Mon)
1977 Articles with Gillotts Solicitors (now Minter Ellison)
Telephone counselor “Life Line”
1978 Lectured in Trade Practices at Leo Cussen’s Institute
1979 Associate to Sir Reginald Smithers, senior member of the Federal Court, Chancellor of La Trobe University, Deputy Chairman of the A.A.T and Justice of the Supreme Court of the A.C.T.Secretary Environmental Law Society
1980 Economics at Cambridge University
1981 President of Graduates Pembroke College Cambridge University
Stevenson Harwood Solicitors, London
1981 / 82 Stevenson Harwood Solicitors, Saddlers Hall, Gutter lane, Cheapside, London
1982 Thesis “The Conciliation and Arbitration Contribution to Wage Flexibility and Distributive Justice of Wage Fixing in Australia”
Graduated BA (Hons) in Economics Cambridge University (now MA (Cantab))
Tutor Constitutional Law Monash UniversityResident Tutor in Contract and Company Law at Trinity College, Melb UniversityThesis “Protection from the Misuse of Unpatented Trade Secrets”President of the Graduate Parlour Pembroke College

Cambridge Cross Country Team

BA (hons) in Economics, Cambridge university

1983 Graduated LLM (Melb) in Business Credit Law – The Law of Damages – Insolvent Companies – Advanced Trade Practices and thesis
Admitted Victorian Bar
Council in AMP v Smorgans & Trade Practices Commission (9 month case)
1984 Published “Crystallization?” LIJ
Commissioned by Law Book Co. to write “The Law of Trade Secrets”
MA Cantab (Eco) Cambridge University
1985 Published “Unnatural Injustice” LIJ
1986 Co-coordinator Law and Economics Trinity College, Melb Uni
1990 Published “The Law of Trade Secrets” (Law Book Co.)
1992 Awarded Doctor of Laws (LLD) Melbourne University
Elected Member for Berwick
Victorian Parliamentary Law Reform Committee
1996 Parliamentary Secretary to Attorney General
1999 Appointed Attorney General (before fall of Government)
Shadow Attorney General, Shadow Minister Consumer Affairs
2001 Shadow Minister Aboriginal Affairs
2002 Shadow Treasurer
Kirby J (as he then was) launched “The Law of Trade Secrets and Personal Secrets” in Melbourne
2003 Published second edition of ‘The Law of Trade Secrets’ now entitled “The Law or Trade Secrets and Personal Secrets”
Returned to the Bar

  • Commercial mediator
  • General commercial/equity
  • Commercial Mediation (both as mediator and advocate)
  • Intellectual property – trade secrets, patents, copyright, trade marks etc
  • Planning law
2004 Published “A Right to Privacy?” (2004) 78 ALJ 74; Published “Twists and Turns on the Road to Privacy” (2004) 58 Intellectual Property Forum 10
2005 Published “Employers, Ex-employees and Trade Secrets” Law Book Coy
2006 Graduated Bond University “Mediation and Dispute Resolution”

“Law of Trade Secrets and Private Secrets” voted one of the 10 best Australian Law Books in existence by the Australian Law Journal.
Various Lectures and Seminars – Law Institute, Leo Cussen
Published in the Age Opinion, “Menzies Vision Betrayed”.
Published in the Age Opinion “Changing our State System without debate”.
Published in the Age Opinion “Menzies way ….”
Graduated from the University of Adelaide with Professional Certificate in Arbitration

2012 The Hon. Michael Kirby AC CMG Justice of the HCA (1996-2009, Chair, OECD Expert Group on Privacy Protection (1978-80)
Launched the Service Vol 1 “Trade Secret Vol 2 Privacy
2013 Practiced at the Bar in intellectual property and commercial law.
Lectured at the Law Society of NSW and various other large legal firms in NSW and Victoria.
2014 Practiced at the Bar in intellectual property and commercial law
Lectured at the Law Society of NSW and various other large legal firms in NSW and Victoria.
2015 “Restraint or Restriction of Trade” accepted by LIJ for publication in 2015
Practiced at the Bar in intellectual property and commercial law.
2017 Inhouse legal Counsel to Tebter Property Pty Ltd
2018 Published “Dean of Trade Secrets and Privacy” 3rd ed 2018